February 26, 2009

I wish I was a mermaid.

So pretty much my dream in life is to become a mermaid, well that or a vampire but we'll see how things go. I think being a mermaid is pretty much every little girls fantasy and I'm sure we all remember actually pretending to be mermaids anytime we were in the water. They're pretty badass because not only can they breath underwater, but they also come in sweet colours, are excellent swimmers, and get to call the ocean their home.
One of my favourite moments ever (I realize it's probably sad this makes it into my favourites) was when Jen and I were at the beach one day and were chillin in a little private nook just past the rock. We were still in the shade so of course Jen didn't want to come swimming but I went in anyways to swim out to the sun. Our little nook was right next to path around the lake and when I was coming out from under the water a passerby said "Oh look a mermaid." I was literally beside myself with happiness. Jen, knowing how stoked I was on the comment, told the guy he made my day which got a chuckle out of a passing police offier.
While checking the websites I need my usual fix of, I came across this amazing corset on The Cherry Blossom Girl. It's basically what a mermaid would wear if she actually wore real clothes instead of shells. It's too bad Alix made it herself because its absolutly to die for. It's also too bad I dropped out of fashion school and hate sewing or I could have learned to make my own.
Peace xox

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  1. Um this is the epitome of mermaid garb. Though to be honest would probably be very unflattering in the breastal area for most people. You would HAVE to make it your own