April 28, 2009

Why don't you.....

Diana Vreeland, late editor of Harper's Bazaar and Vogue, was an incredibly stylish and eccentric woman. She literally invented the word 'pizazz'. One of the things Diana(or Dee-Ann as she pronounced) was known for while at Bazaar was her 'Why Don't You?' columns. Her lists of stylish suggestions were written with the most glamourous women in mind. Some great ones of hers include: Why Don't You.. wear violet velvet mittens with everything? Why Don't You.. have an elk-hide trunk for the back of your car? Herm├Ęs of Paris will make this. Why Don't You.. have your cigarettes stamped with a personal insignia? or Why Don't You.. wear, like the Duchess of Kent, three enormous diamond stars arranged in your hair in front? (Right, like we all have three enormous diamond stars lying around) I decided to pay homage to the style icon with my very own list of Why Don't You? so here it goes:
Why Don't You... get off the treadmil or out of the gym and go for a hike?
Why Don't You... make a head band of fresh wild flowers?
Why Don't You... do something outside your comfort zone?
Why Don't You... reunite with an old friend?
Why Don't You... DIY (Do it yourself)?
Why Don't You... read a book?
Why Don't You... go see a live show (music or theater)?
Why Don't You... let go of a grudge?
Why Don't You... listen to some new music (maybe check out some Canadian talent)?
Why Don't You... try and get a tan from the sun instead of a light bulb?
Why Don't You... have a drunken sing-a-long night of one thousand adventures?
Why Don't You... make a list of music you think a friend might like and have them do the same for you?
Why Don't You... book your next trip to go somewhere you've never been before?
Why Don't You... plant something in a public place?

I'm trying to make it through the list myself right now. I've been reuniting with old friends and have a pretty good tan going from the sun. Anyone know a good field full of wild flowers let me know! Belcarra park is covered in cute little daisies but its also covered in goose shit. Here is a video from Canadian band The Arkells. Enjoy!

April 22, 2009

Reefer Madness!

Coral reefer madness that is! Some of you may know that I love the ocean, west coast girl all the way, and I also happen to love our local gift, BC bud. Well I could not be more stoked than when I saw Kennaroo combine the best of both worlds in Reefer Madness! These bongs have to be the sickest ones I've ever seen. I would die to own any one of them.. or learn to make my own. I've included a lot of photo's to get the full effect(sorry I couldn't figure out how to make the layout of the small pictures not look like shit). There are some other really amazing glass works on glasspipes.org but one of these caught my mind and I'm just in awe. I think I'm going to need to go and watch Planet Earth now to see some more crazy underwater worlds. I'm craving to go snorkling or scuba diving so badly it's not even funny. Tag, I hope there's good spots to go in Thailand cause I need to go.
Peace xox

Too cute!

So pretty much I suck at keeping my blog updated, but that's okay I'm sure no one minds. I really don't even have much to say right now infact. I guess I'll start with a Happy Belated 420! Hope you all had an excellent day givin a little love to our green friend. Sarra and I went down to the VAG with Trent and Stu, and I must say it was awesome! Well it got pretty awesome after we found a spot in the sun to put our blanket. The sunshine really loves stoners because it was supposed to be overcast all day but then it got nice and sunny for 4:20 and the same thing happened last year. Thanks Mother Nature(probably a fellow stoner herself)! We had our blanket right in front of a tent selling bongs for $10 and pipes for $5 and of course Stu and I both got sucked in to getting bongs. I mean for $10 you can't really go wrong, plus mine is a sweet ass/slightly creepy wizard standing next to a tree and Stu got a little, what we thought was a water bong with a monkey skull on it. People were of course selling other things such as butter, hash, brownies, you name it. Going down to the VAG for 420 is super crowded, is all the way down town, and I know there are a million other reasons not to go. But if you really enjoy your cronic and support legalization then you might wanna think about getting your ass down there next year! The more people the better, you need to go out and support. Even if chillin around home with your friends sounds more fun, it won't acomplish anything(but getting super high).
Anyways here is a super cute work by Brock Davis found on booooooom of course! It's artist's like Davis that make me not want to be an artist cause theres no way I could come up with shit as creative as that. But, luckily, the world of art is a HUGE place and I'm sure there will be room for me even without becoming an artist.
Peace xox

April 7, 2009

It's that time again!

SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER!! or well Spring at least. Yesterday I finished up my semester with two exams. It sucked that they were both on the same day and the first day of exams because it made studying for them crazy. But now that their both over I feel liberated! To make my mood even better the sun is shining and there are boats in the bay (well not today but on the weekend it was stacked). Summer is coming and for the first time this year I can feel it. Twins trips, Belcarra hiking, and spending the day on the water are all on the way! Break out the sun tan lotion and get ready to hit the beach, we'll be there in no time.
Peace xox
P.s The image above is one of my final drawing projects. We had to do a grid drawing and some how distort the image. I love how it turned out so I felt the need to share. The original image is of the one and only Sienna Miller.