April 7, 2009

It's that time again!

SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER!! or well Spring at least. Yesterday I finished up my semester with two exams. It sucked that they were both on the same day and the first day of exams because it made studying for them crazy. But now that their both over I feel liberated! To make my mood even better the sun is shining and there are boats in the bay (well not today but on the weekend it was stacked). Summer is coming and for the first time this year I can feel it. Twins trips, Belcarra hiking, and spending the day on the water are all on the way! Break out the sun tan lotion and get ready to hit the beach, we'll be there in no time.
Peace xox
P.s The image above is one of my final drawing projects. We had to do a grid drawing and some how distort the image. I love how it turned out so I felt the need to share. The original image is of the one and only Sienna Miller.

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