March 25, 2009


So I just found out that one of my all time favourite children's book, Where The Wild Things Are, has been made into a movie! I can't even tell you how beyond excited I am for this. The trailer looks awesome and I will for sure be bawling my eyes out during this movie. It looks like it will be such a visually stunning flick. Hopefully it all comes together and the movie turns out to be as good as it looks. If so it will probably have to be one of the few movies I'll actually purchase. I'm really excited for the wild rumpus and the tree swinging scene. From the looks of the trailer it seems like they added a bit more context into the story, which is pretty nessesary for turning the small childrens book into a feature film. The movie isn't out till October which freaking sucks because I will be travelling the world and probably won't be able to make it to a theater to see it! You all will have to go for me and tell me how it is!
Peace xox

March 20, 2009

Yeeeeeeeeah! One more term paper out of the way

So on Monday I handed in my term paper for Art History! I was super stoked on this paper because we got to chose any work of art after 1400 that wasn't in our text book. Oh the choices! I pretty much could have written at least 5 or 6 different papers but instead just worked my ass off on one. I chose to do a painting by John William Waterhouse, a late Victorian Romantic painter who fuses classical style with pre-raphaelites style. The work Hylas and The Nymphs is pretty damn badass if I do say so myself.
Hylas, who hung out with the most well known hero in Greek mythology Hercules (after killing Hylas's father he took the boy in as his own son and lover), was sent to grab some fresh water while stopped on an island. Hylas, who was young, hot, and had a bangin bod, caught the attention of a group of water nymphs. They were so intrigued by his beauty that they wanted him for themselves and dragged the poor kid into the water where they drowned him.
Waterhouse loved to paint femme fatales and he really had a knack for it. Even though we know what's about to happen, that these nymphs are about to take a life, you can't bring yourself to blame them for it. There is an innocence in their eyes that makes you think they can't help what their about to do and almost regret it. Damn I could go on forever about this work (I already did for 4 pages) but I'll try to cut it short. All in all I love the mystical feel the work has and dig Waterhouse's style. Enjoy!
Peace xox

March 15, 2009

Brain exploding awesomeness

While checking out Booooooom the other day, I came across these freaking sweet hand drawings by an artist named Andy J. Miller. I really dig his whimsical style and creativity. I would looove to live in the blue and orange house cause it pretty much looks like the sickest pad ever! Check out the rest of his works here. So many crazy talented and inspiring artists out there it's like heroin for the eyes. Enjoy!
Peace xox

March 6, 2009


So I don't know how many of you out there watch ABDC (America's Best Dance Crew) but Quest crew just took the title for season 3. WTF America?!?! Yeah Quest crew is dope (I loooove Hok and Dtrix) but Beat Freaks killed them all season. PLUS it's about time a girl group won and BF's represented and pulled out all the stops. They should have freaking won and I'm really pissed off that they didn't. I'm also mad because for some reason it wasn't PVR'd, stupid technology. That is all for now, congrats Quest (even though you should NOT have won!)
Peace xox

March 4, 2009

Art work of the day.

The Lovers by Rene Magritte is a wonderfully haunting image of two lovers with their heads covered. Their are two versons painted of The Lovers, one above with the hooded figures making out and the second below with their checks touching. What makes these images even more disturbing is that surrealist painter Magritte was greatly influenced by his mother's suicide. She was found drowned in the Sambre River with her head wrapped in a nightgown. Now theirs an image to haunt a child for the rest of their life! I love the intoxicating darkness of these two works, enjoy!
Peace xox

March 1, 2009

Dale Chihuly literally blows my mind

So those of you who know me know that one of my strongest passions is for art. So I thought over time I would introduce some of my favourite artists who are really rocking the art world. Who knows you may just learn about someone awesome that you wouldn't otherwise look into. I would have to say if I was forced to chose one artist as my absolute favourite, it would have to be Dale Chihuly.
Chihuly works primarily with glass blowing but he's also a fabulous painter. His visionary ideas have completely brought glass blowing and modern art to a whole new level. He starts by painting or sketching his ideas and it's amazing to see them and then the finished product. I've included a few of his works of his to give you a taste of the talent, but for the full effect you really must check out
the website. He's not only super talented but also looks pretty badass with his eye patch. I would do terrible, disgusting things to go swimming in the lap pool with the glass at the bottom or trip out over the ceilings covered in persians. I'm also super jealous of the fish that get to live in a aquarium filled with Chihuly glass. Anyone who wants to join me in going to a gallery the next time one does a Chihuly exhibition let me know!
Peace xox