March 1, 2009

Dale Chihuly literally blows my mind

So those of you who know me know that one of my strongest passions is for art. So I thought over time I would introduce some of my favourite artists who are really rocking the art world. Who knows you may just learn about someone awesome that you wouldn't otherwise look into. I would have to say if I was forced to chose one artist as my absolute favourite, it would have to be Dale Chihuly.
Chihuly works primarily with glass blowing but he's also a fabulous painter. His visionary ideas have completely brought glass blowing and modern art to a whole new level. He starts by painting or sketching his ideas and it's amazing to see them and then the finished product. I've included a few of his works of his to give you a taste of the talent, but for the full effect you really must check out
the website. He's not only super talented but also looks pretty badass with his eye patch. I would do terrible, disgusting things to go swimming in the lap pool with the glass at the bottom or trip out over the ceilings covered in persians. I'm also super jealous of the fish that get to live in a aquarium filled with Chihuly glass. Anyone who wants to join me in going to a gallery the next time one does a Chihuly exhibition let me know!
Peace xox

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