March 4, 2009

Art work of the day.

The Lovers by Rene Magritte is a wonderfully haunting image of two lovers with their heads covered. Their are two versons painted of The Lovers, one above with the hooded figures making out and the second below with their checks touching. What makes these images even more disturbing is that surrealist painter Magritte was greatly influenced by his mother's suicide. She was found drowned in the Sambre River with her head wrapped in a nightgown. Now theirs an image to haunt a child for the rest of their life! I love the intoxicating darkness of these two works, enjoy!
Peace xox


  1. "the intoxicating darkness"

    reminds me of the wedding crashers line "it's sexual and violent."

  2. this is the background on my laptop right now. Magritte is by far my most favourite surreal artist. AWESOME

  3. Hahaha Alexa that made me really happy.

    The picture is sweet although pretty sure if I found my Mom in a river with her nightgown wrapped around her head I'd probably kill myself.