April 22, 2009

Too cute!

So pretty much I suck at keeping my blog updated, but that's okay I'm sure no one minds. I really don't even have much to say right now infact. I guess I'll start with a Happy Belated 420! Hope you all had an excellent day givin a little love to our green friend. Sarra and I went down to the VAG with Trent and Stu, and I must say it was awesome! Well it got pretty awesome after we found a spot in the sun to put our blanket. The sunshine really loves stoners because it was supposed to be overcast all day but then it got nice and sunny for 4:20 and the same thing happened last year. Thanks Mother Nature(probably a fellow stoner herself)! We had our blanket right in front of a tent selling bongs for $10 and pipes for $5 and of course Stu and I both got sucked in to getting bongs. I mean for $10 you can't really go wrong, plus mine is a sweet ass/slightly creepy wizard standing next to a tree and Stu got a little, what we thought was a water bong with a monkey skull on it. People were of course selling other things such as butter, hash, brownies, you name it. Going down to the VAG for 420 is super crowded, is all the way down town, and I know there are a million other reasons not to go. But if you really enjoy your cronic and support legalization then you might wanna think about getting your ass down there next year! The more people the better, you need to go out and support. Even if chillin around home with your friends sounds more fun, it won't acomplish anything(but getting super high).
Anyways here is a super cute work by Brock Davis found on booooooom of course! It's artist's like Davis that make me not want to be an artist cause theres no way I could come up with shit as creative as that. But, luckily, the world of art is a HUGE place and I'm sure there will be room for me even without becoming an artist.
Peace xox

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