June 12, 2009

Child of the ADD era

On Wednesday night Jenny and I went to check out a Three Piece Show at Box Studios down on Franklin Street. The show was awesome and really made me long for the days when I can afford to buy my own art. There were a lot of really captivating works there by a variety of artists showing painting, mixed media, and photography. One of the artists that really caught my eye was Nathan Gowsell. He contributed this lovely triptych, shown above, and my heart melted when I saw it. I don't know what it is, probably the combination of the colours, use of nature, and crazy shapes and patterns, that reminds me of Alexa(wish you could have been there!) So I decided to check out more of Gowsell's work when I got home and it's really great. Check out his website for future shows and a closer looks at more of his works!
Peace xox

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  1. Hey,

    This is Nathan G. Thanks so much for writing this cool article. It's nice to see that people like my art!

    Was wondering if you might want to blog about some art that I entered into a contest. Every vote counts!

    You can vote by clicking on one of the stars. Here's the link: