August 21, 2009

Diez Vistas would be the death of me

So yesterday Alexa(sooo freaking happy your home) and I went to Buntzen Lake for a hike. We pretty much killed ourselves doing the Diez Vista trail and then today I find out we didn't even touch a chunk of it. All in all the trail is 6-8 hours return and 7 km one way. We did the first mountain and I was ready to pass out or keel over so we chilled for a bit at the top and then headed back down. We thought the way we took up was brutal cause it goes up for what seems like forever, keeps twisting and turning, and around every bend theres more uphill, but then we took the way back down under the power lines. I never suggest going up using that path. It's basically a cliff that you scale down winding back and forth. I slipped several times, falling only once, luckily only on the path and not off the edge. The trail is also quite overgrown and had it not been for the stick we were using, we would still have spiders in our hair. Even though I really felt like death during the hike, afterwards I felt like a million bucks and we went for a nice swim on the dock which was perfect.
In other news I just got back from a week of mayhem in Osoyoos with Tara and two wonderful world travelers have come back to the COQ. Osoyoos was a complete gong show, as always, it was great to see old friends and great to meet new ones. We floated tons and got suuuper dark, which is always lovely. The only down fall of the week was that my parents came up Sunday(Tara and I drove up Saturday) and brought the boat but never put it in the water. The poor girl had to sit on the side of the road all week! WTF guys put the freaking boat in if your going to bring it up! So that was super depressing but we still managed to party on.
Theres only one thing that could possibly make me leave Oso a day early and it's the arrival of Alexa Lupul in Vancouver after 7 months in New Zealand. To make things even better she brought Kris home with her and to be honest I thought he caught the world travel bug and we'd never seen him again. There's really something special about seeing the world. It opens your mind up to new ways of life and new ways of being that were never even a thought in your head. I couldn't be happier that more and more of my friends are getting opportunities to experience this. There's a little sparkle that they bring back in their eyes and it's the sparkle of adventure and wanting to go do and experience more.
Sadly Summer is winding down so lets make the most of whats left of it! Grab your friends, some beers, and get your ass near the water.
Peace xox

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